APR 19

Dispersal Sale of 3 Tractors, Combine, Farm Machinery, Implements, General & Grain Equipment & Fodder – Devon

Shute Farm, Shute Village, Shobrooke, Crediton EX17 1BW

Wed 19 April 2017 from 11am

Dispersal Sale of 3 Tractors, Combine, Farm Machinery, Implements, General & Grain Equipment & Fodder

On behalf of Messrs A H Ayre & Sons (dissolving the partnership)


Auctioneers Chris Clapham 07968122198, Stafford Sampson 07970089534, Office 01769 572042, Robert Ayre 07975683816 or Jeremy Ayre 07547626591


2012 John Deere 5090R 4WD Tractor (WA62 AEL/ 2,263 Hours)

2011 John Deere 6830 4WD Tractor (WA61 GNV/ 1,978 Hours)

2009 New Holland T6020 Plus 4WD Tractor c/w New Holland 750TL Loader (WA59 GXF/ 2,270 Hours)

1997 John Deere 1170 Combine (14ft Header & Trailer/ 2,860 Engine Hours)


Spaldings Sub-Surface 3 Leg Flatlift 12835 Cultivator c/w Roller; 2011 Kverneland Exacta-TL Twin Disc Fertilizer Spreader; Kverneland Accord Pneumatic KLX 3m Combination Drill (New Rear Discs/ Tramline Markers); McConnell PA52E Hy Reach 5ft Head Hedgetrimmer c/w spare 4ft Head; Fraser Muckmaster 12 cubic yard FYM Spreader; Kuhn Multi-Master 111 5 Furrow Reversible Plough; 3m Front Press c/w Teagle ‘A’ Frame; John Deere 459 Conventional Baler; Twose Lead Roller; Twose Ballast Roller; Woods 4.6m Folding Harrows; Folding Heavy Duty Drag Harrows; Kverneland 7558 750ml Bale Wrapper; Kilworth 800l PTO Concrete Mixer; Port Agri 9ft Offset Topper; John Deere C10 Folding Cultivator; Flat 8 Bale Grab; Flat 8 Bale Sledge; 2 14ft Ransome 4 Furrow Ploughs; Browns 56 Bale Handler; Tive 12m Pneumatic Fertilizer Spreader (Spares); 5 Lap Seed Harrows; 3 Lap Drag Harrows


Treco Wood Pellet & Grain Boiler; 1 ton Wood Pellets; Hakki Pilke Eagle PTO Circular Saw & Wood Splitter; Mobile Water Tank; Large Front Tractor Weight (on John Deere); 12 New Holland Front Tractor Weights; Ford Tractor Weights; Single Phase 20kVa PTO Generator; Chilton 6ft Muck Grab; Albutt Muck Forks (Merlo Brackets); Tractor Bucket (Chilton Brackets); Pallet Forks (Chilton Brackets); Bale Spike (Chilton Brackets); Double Bale Spike; Bale Spike; PTO Concrete Mixer; Cattle Weigh Crush with Gascoigne Head; Cattle Feed Barriers; 2 Cattle Round Feeders; Various Calf Feed Fronts (majority 4 buckets/ some 6 buckets/ some with sliding gates); Ground Feed Troughs; Galvanised Pig Feeder; 2 Black Plastic Juice Tanks; 3 Steel Diesel Tanks; 4 Pallets of Galvanised Roof Sheets; Metal Stand; Lightfoot Refrigeration Unit (Spares); Stanley Rayburn; Railway Sleepers; Spaldings Electric Drive Rape Knife; Hot Water Tank (for Calf Milk); Gearbox for JF Forager; Canopy for Ford Ranger Pick Up; 15ft Grass Seed Box; Mobile Welding Unit;  Electric Hacksaw; Workshop Tools; Various Wheels to inc: Pair 13.6R 38 (Case Centres), Pair Wide 14R 38 (John Deere/Case Centres), other Pairs inc County Wheels & Trailer Wheels


Teagle PTO Thermo Blast Crop Drying Fan; Bentall Roller Mill; PTO Hammer Mill; Chain & Flight Conveyor (Approx 50ft long); 5 Grain Augurs (Mixed Sizes); Cyclone Grain Cleaner; Wooden Grain Hopper; 3 Grain Trolleys; J W Dodd, Barnstaple Barn Scales & Weights; Various Grain Equipment inc Pipes & Ducting


Approx 200 Round Bales of Straw
Approx 200 Round Bales of 2016 Silage (100 1st Cut/100 2nd Cut)
35 Round Bales of Hay
Please note the Fodder may be kept on the farm to Friday 26th May

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